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Relaxed at the dentist

Afraid of pain? — That was yes­ter­day. Today, modern means and methods take away every rea­son for being afraid of the den­tist. We recom­mend various seda­ti­ves or ana­es­the­tics — you choo­se what is right for you.

Relaxing music

Music not just for the ears. Feel free to let your thoughts drift away from the tre­at­ment while you lis­ten to rela­xing music. You get a CD play­er with a spe­cial, tran­ce-indu­cing music library.

Nitrous oxide sedation

In many coun­tries these days, most nota­b­ly the USA, den­tal seda­ti­on with nitrous oxide is used on a daily basis.  Due to its high level of safe­ty, this tre­at­ment method is also espe­cial­ly well-sui­ted to child­ren and “anxious pati­ents”. In many cases it mana­ges to redu­ce the fear of both small and large pati­ents, and crea­te a rela­xed tre­at­ment atmo­s­phe­re. In the best cases, it crea­tes a gene­ral­ly posi­ti­ve atti­tu­de to necessa­ry den­tal treatments.


If you wish, we can treat you under anesthe­tic in our pro­ce­du­re room espe­cial­ly equip­ped for this. You are not aware of the pro­ce­du­re and when you wake up it’s all over! This opti­on is espe­cial­ly recom­men­ded for very anxious pati­ents or if there are other gene­ral illnesses.

Your den­tists will look after you after the tre­at­ment too, and will be avail­ab­le for you even when you are back at home.