The cost of the treatment depends on the time required. The estimated cost is calculated before the treatment, based on individual circumstances such as the degree of inflammation and the anatomy of the tooth.

However, in Germany such specialized and sophisticated treatment, which is tailored to each patient’s needs, is not covered by the statutory health insurance companies. This means the costs are to be borne by the patient, who will, depending on their level of benefits, be reimbursed by their private health insurance.

We will thus provide each patient with a detailed, binding cost estimate prior to their treatment.

Regular check-ups are essential following successful treatment of periodontal disease (gum disease) to prevent recurrence or a new infection. Only regular visits with your dentist and a thorough oral hygiene routine at home can prevent periodontal disease!

“Critical areas” require regular checkups. Make an appointment for the cleaning of those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies to help prevent the formation of “periodontal pockets”.

Ask about our recall program: we are happy to call you when your next check-up is due. Or just arrange a new appointment after your visit to the dental hygienist. Your healthy gums will thank you for it.