Behandeln mit Microskop-a

THE OPERATION MICROSCOPE enables the precise visual monitoring of the treatment process.

In order to treat the finely branching canals safely, a good view is not only helpful but essential in modern endodontology. The fine canal openings are often impossible to see with the naked eye. If you leave it to touch, many canals and nooks and crevices remain hidden. The tissue residues and bacteria that remain there could lead to recurrence of the inflammation even years after the treatment. Only 39% of root canal treatments carried out in Germany using the conventional methods are successful and only 12% of treatments give a result that fulfills requirements of the ESE (European Society of Endodontology).

Modern operation microscopes, equipped with a sophisticated optics (up to 35 times magnification), mean we are no longer working “in the dark”. The operator can now see deep into the inside of the tooth. This means he can also see irregularities that deviate from the norm. In many cases it is even possible to see right to the end of a straight canal. Intricately branching canals can also be treated in a targeted, safe manner. Problem cases like holes in the root canal wall or instruments that have broken off in the root canal can also usually be solved with the help of the OP microscope.

The PRAXIS AM KURECK has three ultra-modern OP microscopes for endodontic treatment.