The word PUR – from “pure” – in our name is a clear indication for our approach:Pure endodontology – at the highest level. As our main objective is the preservation of a diseased tooth, our six specialists focus on root canal treatment and endodontic surgery only. No more, but also no less. At ENDOPUR, we do not provide general dental treatments. After their endodontic treatment, all patients referred to us return to their regular dentist.
We believe that as an endodontologist you have to be a true professional. Because endodontology is about providing the foundation for tooth preservation, and about providing the foundation for high-quality dentures for your patients.

For us, this means in particular: We invest in education, training and technology. And after that: Experience, experience, experience. But there is also something else, which is equally important to us: Our passion for precision and quality of treatment – particularly in complex, “tricky” cases. And this is where you, dear dental colleagues, can rely on us that we, as specialists, will provide the best solution for your patients.

It is this enthusiasm for our area of expertise that shapes and drives our team: We all have completed additional training courses in Germany or in the United States. All of us regularly attend seminars in Germany and abroad and some of us have more than 15 years experience in our field. Between us, we have performed more than 20,000 endodontic treatments under the surgical microscope. Together we have attended training courses taught by Cliff Ruddle in California.

And now we have finally joined forces on our way ahead.   And we would love to work with you! Because we have the same goal: We want the best possible outcome for our patients with the best possible prognosis for the preservation of their teeth. Working together will mean a win-win situation with three winners:

  • By taking advantage of our expertise and our technology, you can focus on your priorities.
  • Your patient, who is the focus of our combined attention, receives the best possible treatment and a better quality of life.
  • We endodontologist do our job by using our investments.

With high-quality endodontic treatments, we provide the foundation for the solid, high-quality dentistry that you, as dentists, provide to your patients. We take responsibility for using the utmost care and precision in high-quality specialist dental care and leading edge treatments, making it easier for you to plan your treatments.

Working in partnership with you is very important to us. You can decide on how to work with us:

  • A: Refer your patients to ENDOPUR. You can use our referral form* to tell us the patient’s history, any preliminary findings and prior treatments. We will then offer a treatment plan to your patient.
  • B: You consult us and tell us about the patient and her/his problem. We will discuss the treatment concept with you and together we decide on the treatment approach. You then discuss this with your patient and prepare her/him for the treatment. In both cases, we will refer the patient back to you and send you a physician letter to inform you about the treatment. You provide the follow-up care and discuss the findings with your patient.

Letter of referral

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