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Successful in the FOCUS list

 As in 6 years befo­re four of the six ENDOPUR phy­si­ci­ans will be lis­ted again in the 2018 FOCUS list of phy­si­ci­ans. This means that Dr. Marco Geor­gi, Dr. Hen­ning Bah­n­e­mann, Den­tist Chris­tof Rif­fel and Den­tist Dani­el Reis­ter are among the top 2500 of around 400,000 doc­tors in Germany.

Decisi­ve for the pla­ce­ment in the FOCUS list is the num­ber of recom­men­da­ti­ons from col­leagues, pati­ent eva­lua­tions and sci­en­ti­fic publications.

Five stars for ENDOPUR!

Qualitätssiegel Praxisplus Award

At the “praxis+Award” 2018, the ENDOPUR prac­ti­ce cli­nic recei­ved the 5‑star seal of qua­li­ty for its “exem­pla­ry prac­ti­ce cul­tu­re and ser­vice quality”.

The multi-stage award (1–5 stars) is based on pre­de­fi­ned stan­dards, pro­fes­sio­nal requi­re­ment cata­lo­gues and legal requirements.

Tes­ting and awar­ding is car­ri­ed out by the inde­pen­dent cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on spe­cia­list ACERT. The prac­ti­ce is tes­ted and review­ed with regard to the five essen­ti­al areas of modern cor­po­ra­te manage­ment: Prac­ti­ce com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, social respon­si­bi­li­ty, media use, addres­sing pati­ents and employee development.

Welcome to the team!

We are hiring full-time or part-time assistants.

Plea­se send app­li­ca­ti­ons and enqui­ries at: Endopur, Barck­haus­tr. 1, 60325 Frank­furt Main.

NEW: ENDOPUR offers gentle and efficient root canal treatment with revolutionary PIPS® laser technology

When your den­tist recent­ly talks about “PIPS” and “SWEEPS”, he does not mean the latest hip rap­pers, but a high-end device with which he can treat dise­a­sed root cana­ls very suc­cess­ful­ly and gent­ly at the same time. With the revo­lu­tio­na­ry “pho­ton-indu­ced pho­toacoustic irri­ga­ti­on method” (PIPS®), the micro­scopi­cal­ly fine cana­ls of the root canal sys­tem are freed from bac­te­ria — more radi­cal­ly and sus­tainab­ly than ever befo­re! Read more here …


Professional exchange in a convivial atmosphere

“The cor­rect hand­ling of rota­ting nickel tita­ni­um instru­ments” was the topic of a working group mee­ting at the ENDOPUR prac­ti­ce cli­nic. The spea­ker, Dr. Frank Set­zer, had come from Phil­adel­pia to report to the nume­rous invi­ted guests. As always, the inte­res­ting topic was then dis­cus­sed in a rela­xed atmo­s­phe­re over a glass of wine.

The working group mee­tings with out­stan­ding spea­kers in a con­vi­vi­al atmo­s­phe­re are enjoy­ing ever grea­ter popu­la­ri­ty. Also for the com­ing year some events are plan­ned again. The dates will be announ­ced on this web­site in good time.