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The den­tal dia­gno­sis of pain (trau­ma­to­lo­gy) is one of our cen­tral areas of exper­ti­se. If you have toot­ha­che, you may find a first explana­ti­on in our pain com­pass. In any case, howe­ver, we recom­mend that you have your teeth exami­ned by a spe­cia­list in our practice.

Pain diagnosis

Not all pain in the mouth and jaw is cau­sed by teeth. If this is not reco­gnis­ed, teeth may be trea­ted or remo­ved unne­cessa­ri­ly, which does not eli­mi­na­te the pain, but some­ti­mes exa­cer­ba­tes it.

Dia­gno­sis of chro­nic unclear tooth and jaw pain is often dif­fi­cult. On the one hand, hid­den den­tal pro­blems must be exclu­ded, e.g. small cracks or frac­tures. In the case of root-trea­ted teeth, an addi­tio­nal search must be made for infec­ted, pre­vious­ly unclea­ned parts of the canal.

After the tho­rough exclu­si­on of den­tal pain cau­ses, spe­ci­fic signs of non-den­tal pain cau­ses are sear­ched for. A dia­gno­sis is made from the com­bi­na­ti­on of both approa­ches and appro­pria­te the­ra­peu­tic mea­su­res are recommended.

Often root-trea­ted teeth are found in the area of chro­nic non-den­tal pain. It is par­ti­cu­lar­ly important here to achie­ve opti­mal endodon­to­lo­gi­cal tre­at­ment results in order to avoid addi­tio­nal den­tal problems.

Dental accidents

In case of emer­gen­cy, plea­se try to reach us immedia­te­ly: 069 977 769 8–0. You will get an appoint­ment very quickly!

If you can­not reach us, plea­se dial the nati­on­wi­de den­tal emer­gen­cy num­ber: +49 (1805) 012800 (0.14 €/min. from the land­li­ne, Ger­man mobi­le phone max. 0.42 €/min.) Here you can reach trai­ned, com­pe­tent con­sul­tants around the clock.


If it comes to a dental accident: Keep calm.

  • If it bleeds: bite on a gauze cloth or tis­sue hand­ker­chief, cool externally.
  • If the cor­ner of a tooth has bro­ken off and it is blee­ding from the tooth: be sure to look for the bro­ken cor­ner and bring it to the prac­ti­ce, sto­ring it in UHT milk or water.
  • If only the cor­ner of a tooth is bro­ken off, WITHOUT it blee­ding from the tooth: make sure you look for the bro­ken off cor­ner and bring it with you to the prac­ti­ce in UHT milk or water.
  • If the tooth is loo­se­ned or dis­pla­ced: leave the tooth as it is, do not touch it, close your mouth carefully.
  • If the tooth is com­ple­te­ly bro­ken out of the mouth: only touch the tooth by the crown, DO NOT CLEAN it, no mat­ter what it looks like! The root of the tooth is very sen­si­ti­ve and must not be touched. If pos­si­ble, store the tooth in a tooth res­cue box. This is avail­ab­le in most sports faci­li­ties and swim­ming pools, emer­gen­cy ambu­lan­ces have such a res­cue box in their equip­ment. If no tooth res­cue box is avail­ab­le, store the tooth in UHT milk, if necessa­ry in water.

Behaviour before and after surgery under anaesthesia

Merkblatt für OperationenIn our leaf­let you will find the most important tips for a smooth den­tal ope­ra­ti­on. (Down­load PDF)

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